Cannes Street Style: Shirtless Uber Driver, Ageless Geisha and a Pro Basketball Player

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

It wouldn't be fair to the films to say that fashion choices in Cannes come close to the action onscreen. But there's always a story behind the ensemble choices of those at the festival.

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18
Residence: Marseille, France
Job: MBA student
My Look: "I'm shopping for a dress to wear to tonight's premiere so I wanted to wear something light with original shoes so I can go quickly," she says of her Gucci sneakers, YSL bag, H&M top and Dior sunglasses. 

Name: Hikari (left), Ofuku
Age: “25 forever”
Job: She is a designer and creative director, he is a TV personality and actor
Residence: Tokyo
My Look: “Ofuku means happy. When someone looks at him, they get happy, they think it is funny. Behind there is a sad story [his parents were very rich but very much in debt] and it's important to keep smiling.”

Name: Lorenzo
Age: 17
Residence: Cannes
Job: Student
My Look: “This is my usual style, I just picked what I had in my closet and wore it, without really thinking about it," he says of his Nike sneakers, H&M pants and sweater and Stone Wash T-shirt.

Name: Jerel
Age: 36
Residence: New York City
Job: Pro basketball player for the Antibes Sharks
My Look: “It’s a nice breeze today and I wanted to be relaxed and not overdressed. Just stay cool — always," he says of his Gucci shoes, Zara shirt, Banana Republic sweater and Ray-Ban sunglasses

Name: Emilie
Age: 24
Job: Digital Marketing student
Residence: Paris
My Look: “I love flowery patterns and black clothes work well in any circumstances. I just realized when I arrived in Cannes that I packed mostly party outfits but it's OK, it works during the day as well. Usually I wear more colors, but flowers are my usual look," she says of her Misguided pants, a New Look top, San Marina shoes, a Mango bag and ASOS sunglasses.

Name: Dimitri
Age: 28
Residence: Paris
Job: Entrepreneur
My Look: “We were heading out to have lunch outside, and I wanted to be comfortable. I also want to feel like I’m on holiday but it’s the festival as well, so you want to be trendy," he says of his Zara shirt, Massimo Dutti linen pants, Dior sandals and vintage sunglasses.

Name: Philippe (left), Valdet
Age: 33, 28
Residence: Strasbourg, Cannes
Job: Restoration, Uber driver
My Look: Philippe: “We’re going to the beach to take in the sun. In my bag, I just have some sunscreen and a towel. Just chill day.” Valdet: “We’re old friends, 10 years, and this is what we like to do — go to the beach, play sports, relax. For us, it’s more of what we do every day.” 

Name: Robert
Age: 40
Residence: Cannes
Job: Assistant manager, Baldinini
My Look: “Simple for the city. I like the Italian look. It’s my style.”

Name: Ghazal
Age: 30
Residence: Dusseldorf, Germany
Job: Dermatologist
My Look: "I wanted to be as colorful as possible," she says of her Own the Looks top, Zara skirt, BCBG shoes and Etienne Aigner bag. 

Name: Farhana Bodi
Age: 32
Residence: Dubai
Job: Fashion and lifestyle influencer
My Look: “I’m inspired by the city and the beautiful scenery. Wearing Dolce always makes a woman feel feminine and beautiful," she says of her Dolce & Gabbana dress, Aruna Seth flats and Chanel bag.

Name: Houillon
Age: 73
Residence: Montpellier, France
Job: Retired educator
My Look: “There was some sun so I thought I would go with some pink. I always loved this shirt, it has a romantic style, even though I’ve had it for a while I keep wearing it. This year high-waisted pants are fashionable, and it goes well with the top, so I bought them in Montpellier in a little shop called Paloma cafe. The shoes are from Repetto; I love this brand because I used to do some classical dance.”


A version of this story appears in The Hollywood Reporter's May 13 daily issue from the Cannes Film Festival.