Cannes: Tom Ford to Go It Alone on 'Nocturnal Animals' After George Clooney Exit

AP Images/Invision
Tom Ford, George Clooney

The Jake Gyllenhaal-Amy Adams starrer is being shopped internationally by FilmNation and domestically by CAA.

With a quick bow of his head, director Tom Ford launched into a dramatic presentation of his drama Nocturnal Animals to potential buyers on Thursday.

The Jake Gyllenhaal-Amy Adams starrer, which is being shopped internationally by FilmNation and domestically by CAA, is generating plenty of buzz, but not all of it the kind that makes buyers perk up. The New York Post reported that George Clooney has dropped out due to a falling out with Ford.

But a source with knowledge of the project says there was no discord between the two men and that Ford will produce the film by himself through his Fade to Black production company, just as he did for A Single Man, and has no plans to bring on another producer.

Furthermore, Clooney’s deal to produce had never closed, and the two — both repped by CAA’s Bryan Lourd — had only engaged in conversations for the past two months about finding a way to team together on the project. But ultimately, they couldn’t make their respective schedules mesh.

Buyers at the Nocturnal Animals presentation said Ford put on a real show, spraying something in the air before delivering his detailed vision of the film, while Lourd looked on.

He then met with buyers individually for in-depth conversations. The presentation was “enormously charming,” said one foreign buyer on hand. The film is expected to sell in Germany, the most significant foreign territory, over the weekend, with Telepool and Concorde in the mix.