Cannes tool has screeners endangered


PARIS -- International film market database has partnered with European digital film distribution services provider Arts Alliance Media to offer a VOD service where executives at this year's Festival de Cannes can watch films and projects for sale online, the Marche du Film said Thursday.

The industry tool, named Vizumu Pro, hopes to make screeners obsolete. "It's a cost-effective way to provide instant delivery, control of viewers' permissions, traceability of viewings, a high level of security and eliminates shipment costs," Marche du Film executive director Jerome Paillard said.

Members of the former can view films simply by clicking on their selection and paying a platform fee of €550 ($735) per title, including feature, promo/short and trailer versions of the film.

The first 200 sales companies to subscribe to the Vizumu Pro service will benefit from an introductory offer of one free film.

Cinando also has teamed with the International Standard Audiovisual Number International Agency, giving each new project entered on a permanent, internationally recognized ISAN reference number, identifying the work and its related versions at every point of its life cycle.

"Its benefits to producers are several," ISAN-IA managing director Patrick Attallah said. "ISAN allows much better identification and, therefore, tracking of the use that is made of the content and is always linked to descriptive metadata, which in our digital era allows users to better search and find contents."