Cannes: TrustNordisk Takes 'Walk With Me'

Walk With Me Still 2015
Rolf Konow

Mikkel Boe Folsgaard of 'A Royal Affair' stars in the drama from 'Simon and the Oaks' director Lisa Ohlin.

TrustNordisk has picked up the international sales rights for Walk With Me, the upcoming drama from Simon and the Oaks director Lisa Ohlin.

The feature stars Mikkel Boe Folsgaard as a Danish solider who loses both legs while deployed in Afghanistan. Back home at a rehabilitation center, he meets and falls in love with Sofie (Cecilie Lassen), a ballerina with the Royal Danish Ballet.

Folsgaard made his debut and won Berlin's Best Actor honor playing the mad king in the Oscar-nominated drama A Royal Affair. He recently appeared in Danish box office hit The Keeper of Lost Causes and the TV drama The Legacy. Trust will introduce the feature to buyers with a promo in Cannes next month.

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