Cannes: Uber Is Delivering Bow Ties to Attendees

Courtesy of Uber

The transportation disrupter is partnering with French accessories brand Cinabre to make guests red-carpet ready.

For years, the Cannes' bow-tie market outside the Palais has been cornered by local vendors offering last-minute saviors for ticketed guests who risked being denied entrance by festival security for not following the official dress code.

That all changed this year as transportation disrupter Uber has entered the fray by partnering with French accessories brand Cinabre to offer bow ties delivered by a "dandy" bike messenger in less than five minutes, the company announced.

The service — dubbed UberPAPILLON (the latter word is French for both "bow tie" and "butterfly") — can be found on the bottom right of the Uber app (in Cannes only) and will be available May 11-15 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., costing 85 euros ($97) each. The bow ties (and a ticket) may get you in the door but certainly wouldn't pass the most discriminating fashion insider, as they come (gasp!) pre-tied.

However, rushed attendees won't mind. The options: Le Black Swan, a 100 percent black silk satin tie; Le Blade Runner, a 50 percent black embossed technical fabric and a 50 percent red silk twill; and showstopper LeUberFLAMINGO, 50 percent printed cotton and 50 percent red silk twill featuring a pink flamingo and palm trees. Also included in the bow-tie exchange is "an exclusive handwritten card," says Uber France spokesperson Manon Guignard, who adds that the company had been on the hunt for "original ideas for on-demand products dedicated for the film festival."

The bow-tie app follows Uber's other Cannes offering launched last year, UberCOPTER. Guignard says "several hundred" rides were purchased in 2015, and the service from Azur Helicoptere is back this year, running from May through the summer from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., at a cost of 160 euros ($183) per person for a one-way.

BOW-TIE READY: Le Blade Runner, left, and LeUberFLAMINGO