Cannes: U.K. to Get 'Sake-Bombed'

Culture-clash comedy penned by Jeff Mizushima sells to Third Window Films.

TOKYO – Junya Sakino`s debut feature Sake-Bomb has been picked up Third Window Films for U.K. distribution from Pictures Dept., which is repping the English-language road movie in Cannes.

Starring Eugene Kim and Gaku Hamada as a cynical Asian-American and his naïve Japanese cousin, the film follows their trip to northern California looking for new love and an old girlfriend.

Third Window has a track record of releasing Japanese films in the UK and last year invested in Sion Sono`s Land of Hope.

Pictures Dept. sold Satoshi Miki`s It's Me, It's Me to Taiwan's Sky Digi Entertainment just before Cannes.

Sake-Bomb will be released in Japan on May 25

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