Cannes unveils 2010 poster

Allegorical figure of cinema portrayed by Juliette Binoche

PARIS -- Film industry professionals will get a good look at Juliette Binoche this year. The actress posed for photographer Brigitte Lacombe for the 63rd annual Festival de Cannes poster, which the festival unveiled Monday.

Part of the festival's series of heroines as representations of screen mysteries, the poster features Binoche spelling out a luminescent "Cannes" with a paintbrush.

"Festival organizers were charmed by this allegorical figure of the cinema who gives life to the image with a single stroke of her luminous brush," festival reps said.

Lacombe, currently based in New York, has photographed several historical moments and figures in cinema history including behind-the-scenes shots of "All the President's Men," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and, more recently, "Inglourious Basterds," "Nine" and "Shutter Island."

The Festival de Cannes is set for May 12-23.
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