Canyon Creek options Gulf War hero dog story

'Endal' known as 'most decorated dog in the world'

LONDON -- Indie producer Simon Brooks has optioned the movie rights to "Endal," the true story of a pedigree Labrador who cared for a disabled Gulf War veteran, saving his marriage, and, on one occasion, his life.

Brooks has optioned the book about "the most decorated dog in the world" and has hired writer Juliette Towhidi ("Calendar Girls") to pen a screenplay from the life story of Royal Navy chief petty officer Allen Parton.

Parton suffered crippling head injuries during the Gulf War and got Endal from the Canine Partners charity to assist with everyday chores, from picking items off a supermarket shelf to operating an ATM.

Based on Sandra and Allen Partons' co-authored book, "Endal: How One Extraordinary Dog Brought a Family Back from the Brink," the story has been the subject of a TV documentary which Brooks watched before optioning rights to Parton's life story.

Brooks' Canyon Creek Films production banner aims to start shooting in the summer of 2010.