'The Canyons,' Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader's New Film, Begins Casting, Seeks Porn Star

Bret Easton Ellis James Deen Split - H 2012
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Bret Easton Ellis James Deen Split - H 2012

The "American Psycho" author wrote the script and wants an adult sensation to take lead

Bret Easton Ellis has completed work on his latest screenplay, and he has an unconventional choice in mind to play lead.

The author of American Psycho announced on Twitter late Tuesday night that his next project, The Canyons, is holding open auditions and will begin shooting in July. A Paul Schrader-directed feature about "youth, glamour, sex, and Los Angeles," according to its Facebook page, the film is looking for four leads -- two men and two women -- between the ages of 24-27 and another lead actress, either 31 or 32-years-old. 

Ellis has cautioned that the leads have "to act and be full frontal naked banging girls and guys realistically" and, for the part of Christian, a "handsome, fit, a power player and major manipulator" who lives off a trust fund and "enjoys setting up three-ways and filming them," would ideally cast porn star James Deen. He has spent the last few months professing his interest in having Deen feature in the film, tweeting on multiple occassions that he was writing the script with the adult actor in mind.

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It is not exactly stunt casting. Deen is a 25-year-old porn superstar, who has featured in over 4000 films and won the industry's Male Performer of the Year Award. He's also broken into the mainstream, at least in terms of news coverage, as he was the feature of a Nightline story back in February.

Deen has a devouted following of young women who frequent his blog, and has over 41,000 followers on Twitter -- where his bio reads "my name is james i am a simple guy who likes to eat sleep and watch tv... oh ya i also bang chicks for a living :-)."

Easton Ellis previous was developing The Canyons for television, and had been working with Shrader on a shark thriller called Bait.