'Capeshooters' finds home at Warners

Bryan Singer in talks to produce the superhero project

With one comic superhero lighting up its boxoffice, Warner Bros. is trying to develop another potential comic franchise by acquiring the superhero project "Capeshooters," with Bryan Singer in negotiations to produce.

J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani will write the screenplay, which follows two down-on-their-luck slackers who specialize in shooting videos of superheroes. They find themselves on the run when they uncover evidence that a legendary superhero actually is evil.

The story is based on an upcoming graphic novel by Rob Liefeld, who was one of the founders of Image Comics and at one point one of the hottest artists in the comics arena.

Singer will produce via his shingle Bad Hat Harry. The company's Alex Garcia is executive producing.

Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Entertainment and Liefield also will produce in some capacity. Matt Reilly and Matt Milam are overseeing for the studio.

The news comes on the eve of Comic-Con in San Diego, where film and TV studios will roll out such fare as "Watchmen," "The Spirit" and "Fringe" for thousands of salivating genre-lovers while execs will troll for other hot comic properties.

WMA-repped Singer has a soft spot for costumed creations, having helmed two "X-Men" movies and "Superman Returns," Warners' reboot of the franchise in 2006.

Damiani and Lavin, repped by WMA and Luber Roklin Entertainment, are writers on Ryan Seacrest's KISS-FM morning show and also work on "American Idol." The first feature script, "Kamikaze Love," was on the Black List last year and is set up at Screen Gems.

Steven Zeitchik reported from New York; Borys Kit reported from Los Angeles.