Caplan launching Pictures in Motion

Establishing a parallel label to his Transmedia

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CANNES -- Just over three years and seven high-profile movies since unveiling his U.K. indie distributor Transmedia Releasing, Simon Caplan is piecing together a fresh distribution entity dubbed Pictures in Motion.

Caplan, who took the Juliette Binoche starrer "A Few Days in September," John Daly's "The Aryan Couple," starring Martin Landau, and the Christopher Plummer-fronted "The Man in the Chair" to British audiences, said he thinks the time is right to establish a parallel label to Transmedia.

"It will be a sister company for Transmedia," Caplan told The Hollywood Reporter. "I have a different set of investors for it and just feel I want to look for films to distribute from aspiring filmmakers, and also good quality foreign-language international titles."

Caplan is planning acquisitions while in Cannes for the Marche du Film.

"There are a lot of good quality movies out there that people don't get the opportunity to see and I think there is room for another company trying to correct that," he said.

Caplan hopes his enthusiasm and belief in filmmakers will help land him some tasty deal memos. He said the marketplace for indie niche titles to find slots on exhibitor rosters is harder than ever. "Getting a theatrical release and time to build one is very difficult (in the U.K.)," Caplan said. "But a theatrical release is the way movies are meant to be seen."