'Captain America: Civil War': That Mark Fuhrman Joke Isn't a "Surprise," Rep Says

Captain America Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Still Group shot-H 2016
Courtesy of Film Frame/MVLFFLLC/Marvel

Captain America: Civil War

"Everything O.J. is in the zeitgeist right now."

There is joke about Mark Fuhrman in Captain America: Civil War, and a representative for the disgraced former LAPD detective said she is not surprised.

The latest Marvel installment had a huge opening weekend, and among discussions about the film is the reference to the infamous 1995 O.J. Simpson case. 

Here is a vague setup to the scene to avoid spoilers: Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey, Jr. is trying to get information about Captain America's whereabouts from Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, who tells Stark, "You'd have to go Mark Fuhrman on my ass to get information out of me.”

The joke lands due to a renewed interest in the more than 20-year-old Simpson case thanks to the recent 10-part series FX series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which ran from Feb. 2-April 5. 

"Everything O.J. is in the zeitgeist right now," Lynda Bensky, a spokeswoman for Fuhrman, told The Hollywood Reporter. "It’s probably making it’s way into Urban Dictionary as we speak. One day we'll tell his backstory; the facts hidden from public view. At least then everyone will have a complete picture from which to judge Mark.”

Fuhrman had no direct comment about his name being mentioned in the film.

Fuhrman was the LAPD detective who found one of the bloody gloves after Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered in 1994. Fuhrman was catapulted into the public eye after tapes of him using the N-word numerous times and talking about assaulting African-American suspects were discovered during the Simpson trial. 

Captain America: Civil War opened to $181.8 million in North America over the weekend, securing the fifth-best opening of all time, as well as the top launch of 2016 to date.