'Captain America: Civil War' Cast Plays Spirited Game of Musical Beers With Jimmy Fallon

The 'Tonight Show' host accidentally has to drink Sebastian Stan's spit-out beer.

Jimmy Fallon has played musical beers before on The Tonight Show, but never a version as intimate as Wednesday night's installment.

Captain America: Civil War actors Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan joined Fallon for the game, which is like musical chairs but with beer in red Solo cups. During the game, Stan got overly excited and, thinking the music had ended, started chugging his beer.

"Spit it back," said Fallon. Stan obliged, but moments later the music stopped and Fallon was left with the actor's spit-out drink to consume.

"You've got to drink that, baby," said Renner, laughing. "I'm glad to lose." One bandmember in the back can be seen gagging as Fallon drinks Stan's spit.

Later in the game, it was down to just Stan and Fallon. "We've already made out," said Stan.

Fallon crushes Stan in the hilarious last seconds of the game. Watch below.