'Captain America's' Chris Evans Encourages Ladies to See the Film

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“The one thing I think they really did right was the romance,” said the star.

While the fanboys will flock to see Marvel’s film adaptation of Captain America when it opens this weekend, Chris Evans insists that there’s something in it for everyone – even those females who have never opened a comic book.

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“I gotta be honest, [compared with] the majority of superhero movies that I’ve seen, I think we do a really good job establishing a romance,” Evans told MTV. “It’s a budding romance, it’s early. Steve Rogers hasn’t had much experience with women, so the romance they establish is new and fresh, and it doesn’t have a chance to develop.

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“I don’t want to give too much away,” he continued. “But I will say everything else in the movie aside, the one thing I think they really did right was the romance.”

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Co-star Hayley Atwell, who plays the Cap’s on-screen love interest, agreed.
“It’s got a strong, sincere love story running through it,” she added. “Captain America has a sincerity. He’s earnest, and there is a vulnerability about him. He’s not your typical testosterone-fueled man.”

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Sebastian Stan, the actor behind Bucky, has a slightly different take when it comes to luring the ladies to the theater.
“I feel like you can drive a car on Chris’ chest,” he joked. “That might help.”

Captain America hits U.S. theaters on Friday, July 22.

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