Cara Delevingne, Aspiring Hairdresser, Shaves Woman's Head on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Cara_Delevingne_Head_Shave - H 2016

Cara_Delevingne_Head_Shave - H 2016

What can't she do?

Cara Delevingne is a woman of many talents — actress, (sometimes) model, beatboxer — and now she's an aspiring hairdresser too.

On Wednesday, the Suicide Squad actress made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and gave her first-ever haircut to a brave soul named Grace. While most folks would have been nervous to let a nonprofessional chop their locks (let alone buzz it off), Grace showed no signs of being nervous. She did say she likes stepping out of her comfort zone, after all.

Check out the clip below, and see how it all goes down.