Cara Delevingne's Cheesy Solution for the Paparazzi Will Make You Hungry

Mary Katrantzou Top 10: Cara Delevingne - H 2015
AAPimages/Panckow/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Because cheese is always the answer.

Cara Delevingne has oft commented on the tactless, ruthless ways of the paparazzi, discussing her distaste for sneaky photographers in interviews and on social media alike. 

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In her latest diatribe, the supermodel/actress sounded off against the paparazzi in Milan (where she was promoting her Mango campaign with Kate Moss) and their attempts to get photo-worthy rile out of her by calling her names and treating her like "a zoo animal." 

Many outside of the public eye are the first to remind celebrities that the limelight is part of their career and, usually, a great part of their success — a point which Delevingne reasonably acknowledged in her rant. 

Her Tweets were met with a wave of support from other famouses, including fellow-photogenic person Kendall Jenner, who tweeted, "@Caradelevingne preachhhhh," in solidarity.

And should they continue their devious ways, Delevingne has the perfect, cheese-tastic solution: 

Never change, Cara.