Cara Delevingne Is a Singer Now

Cara Delevingne - Getty - H 2017
Getty Images

Who's surprised?

Cara Delevingne just added another hyphen to her already lengthy title. 

The model-turned-actress — and let's not forget, part-time writer — is now a singer, too. On Friday, Delevingne released her first venture into the music world with "I Feel Everything." The sultry song is featured on the soundtrack from her new sci-fi flick Valerian, which also stars music maven Rihanna

"I cannot believe it's finally out, everyone go take a listen and let me know what you think," wrote the 24-year-old in an Instagram post in which she also thanks director Luc Besson and collaborator Pharrell. She had previously collaborated with Pharell on a song for Chanel in 2014.

Unlike several of her crossover contemporaries, Delevingne's peppy tune showcases her vocals in a way that seems refreshingly un-Auto-Tuned. (Or at least, less Auto-Tuned.)

Though the movie itself received less-than-stellar reviews (to put it nicely), the song is being fairly well received by the Brit's fan base. Now the only thing missing from Delevingne's resume is a DJ credit. 

Listen below: