Cardi B's Second Apparel Collection With Fashion Nova Is Selling Out Fast

Cardi B Hollywood Palladium - Getty - H 2019
Presley Ann/Getty Images

“This time around, I actually listened more to the people online,” the Grammy-winning rapper told The Hollywood Reporter. “They said my last Fashion Nova collection was very conservative, which is like, ‘Wow, that's so weird.’"

On Wednesday night, shortly after 11 p.m., Cardi B stepped onto a tiger-skin carpet at the Hollywood Palladium to fete Cardi B x Fashion Nova, her second collection with the online retailer, which offers 47 looks and 107 pieces ranging from $29 to $99. Like the first collection, which launched last November and sold out in hours, many pieces in the follow-up collection are selling out quickly.

Sporting an all-white suit (which featured a peplum jacket and a skirt embellished with zippers on each side for a revealing slit effect), the Grammy-winning rapper revealed her inspiration for the collection. “This time around, I actually listened more to the people online,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “They said my last Fashion Nova collection was very conservative, which is like, ‘Wow, that's so weird.’ Every single time that I show a little bit of skin people want to call me a ho. Then when I want to dress a little bit conservative, people like it.”

Although her fans may prefer her style to be slightly more covered-up at times, they rallied for the opposite for their own wardrobes. And Cardi delivered in the form of Latex shorts, a lace bodysuit and a belt that doubles as a top.

She continued with a laugh saying, “This month it’s like, alright if y’all want to look like hoes, then I’m going to make y’all look like hoes, but still clean, pretty, classy and still able to go to brunch with it. That’s the goal, looking cute for brunch and then switching it up to the club.”

Cardi’s longtime stylist Kollin Carter gave his stamp of approval, while reflecting on his client’s style. “She goes through different stages,” he said. “Right now she is really into cutouts and embracing the woman's body to show off her curves, but in a fashion-forward way. This collection is going to be that for everybody.”

The 26-year-old’s unapologetic transparency, both in speech and in fashion at times, has proved to be a point of attraction that has helped her star to ascend.

“Hopefully, I get to meet her,” Empire’s Serayah McNeill told THR. “She's so dope to me. She’s a show stopper and a fashion icon in her own way. She doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. That's something that I feel like we all wish to be, but we're not sometimes. She's the spokesperson for saying what you think and standing firm in what you believe.”

Throughout the night, as guests such as Christina Milian, Master P, Romeo Miller and Hollywood stylist Law Roach arrived, they all showered praise on her for that very reason.

“Cardi is the girl we want to be like,” said Roach, who is known for styling Zendaya, Anne Hathaway and Cher. “People want to imitate what she does and what she says and her opinions and the way she dresses. I think it's really smart for her to not outgrow her audience too fast. I think she's a really smart girl.”

Roach also went on to share his love for the brand saying, “I think that Fashion Nova definitely gives access to people who can't readily afford the high-end designers and they have cute clothes. I put a lot of my girls in Fashion Nova jeans. People don't know it, but the high-waist stretchy denim just fits great. They're amazing. So I supported Fashion Nova and I definitely support Cardi.”

Hip-hop legend Master P, who has blurred the lines between film and music with writing, directing, producing and acting credits since the '90s (and currently with the recent announcement of Corey Grant's film I Got the Hook-Up 2. set to release July 12) also shined light on the timeliness of Cardi B’s influence in the era of Time’s Up.

“We came out here to see Cardi B and what she's doing,” he told THR. “She's a fashion icon. We all come from nothing and have big dreams. So we put our trust in God. It's incredible, knowing where this woman came from and the struggle. Now we're celebrating her because it shows that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.”

He continued: “And we also celebrate women. I mean now women have an opportunity to do stuff that men mostly would have been behind. So this is incredible to see women getting their just due in this part of the business.”

Standing by his side, his son Romeo chimed in saying, “She’s changing the culture.”

As the night rolled into morning, attendees were treated to a concert headlined by Cardi herself as well as key performances by YG, Tyga and Lil Nas X.