Career Achievement in Film Marketing: Marvin Levy


Having devised marketing campaigns for films as diverse as 1979's "Kramer vs. Kramer," 1982's "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" and, more recently, 2007's "Sweeney Todd," Marvin Levy has made a career out of getting moviegoers into theater seats.

The longtime marketing executive -- and longtime Steven Spielberg collaborator -- will receive ShoWest's Career Achievement in Film Marketing Award for his innovation and leadership in the field. On the eve of receiving the ShoWest honor, he spoke with The Hollywood Reporter's Carly Mayberry about today's movie marketing.

The Hollywood Reporter: How does it feel to be honored by ShoWest?
Marvin Levy: It's very flattering not only to me, but it's significant that it emphasizes the role of marketing in today's world.

THR: How has movie marketing changed since you first began working in the field?
Levy: The audiences are so complex and individualized, and the outlets are far greater than they've ever been. Now it's not only the general media, but the Internet and being able to communicate through some tiny thing you may carry around in your pocket.

THR: How do you meet the challenges of being successful at marketing films in today's world?
Levy: Where it's hard is how to get out of the clutter. The more original and creative that you can be, the better. The public
doesn't get fooled very often. You can open a movie for a weekend -- and there is a lot of that -- but the big, big hits play and play. Now it's about the globalization of the business. You have to think globally on almost everything that you do.