Carey Mulligan and 'Mudbound' Cast on Racial Tensions and the Film's Relevance Today | TIFF 2017

The cast of 'Mudbound' discussed how their film, set in 1940s Mississippi, is relevant today. In light of recent white supremacy rallies, the film's topics of racism and tension go beyond the screen.

The cast and director of the period drama Mudbound sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about how the movie reflects current racial tensions in the United States. 

"I would argue that for a lot of people those things have always been real, and I would argue for a lot of people the world has not changed; it's just that everyone else has woken up to it. So our country is — our country has not changed, just the cover has been pulled back," said director Dee Rees. "So we can shake that denial and then begin to start with now, or we can continue to kind of pretend like it's not happening."

Set in 1940s Mississippi, the film centers on racism and life after war in the Jim Crow South. 

Star Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton) agreed with the film's current relevance, saying, "It hasn't changed. None of this is new."

Carey Mulligan said that although she's done a number of period films, the response to this one has been very different than the others.

"A lot of the time a lot of the questions are like, 'What were the costumes like? What was it like living in that period?' But people aren't talking about this film in that context because it sadly doesn't feel distant from us; we're not removed from this, this is ongoing, and that's been really interesting," she said. 

Mudbound will be released in theaters Nov. 17.