Carey Mulligan Criticizes "Sexist Film Industry," Says Stories About Women Are "Largely Untold"

Courtesy of Focus Features

She also explains why she took a break from acting.

While promoting her new film SuffragetteCarey Mulligan said the story of women's rights activists has not been adequately represented in Hollywood because the industry is sexist. She said studio executives likely thought it was not a "financially viable" story to tell.

"I don’t think it’s an oversight at all," said Mulligan in an interview with Reader's Digest, via The Guardian. "I think we have a sexist film industry, and stories about women are largely untold. This is one that’s fallen by the wayside because of that."

The actress added, "I think a lot of people have sat around tables in various production offices and decided it wasn’t financially viable."

Mulligan plays a housewife who becomes a suffragette and risks losing custody of her children as she fights for women's rights.

Mulligan explained that the break she took from acting after filming 2013's The Great Gatsby was because of the lack of strong female roles.

"That was mainly because there wasn’t anything that interesting to work on," she said in the interview. "You either make a lot of compromises and play roles you’re not very keen on, or you have to wait. I’ve been incredibly lucky in getting the jobs I’ve done, and I did enough work in the earlier part of my career to allow me to sit around for a bit. But that’s a privileged position — not many people get to do that."