Carine Roitfeld Expands Empire With New Book and Magazine

Getty Images

The former editrix of French Vogue and Tom Ford's favorite stylist has got a brand new bag -- and mag.

How do you follow up a stint as editor of French Vogue? Fashionista extraordinaire Carine Roitfeld, herself practically an icon, isn't doing a bad job.

She published a book of her stylist work called Irreverent, and she's been a consultant to Barneys on their ad campaign. Now, Roitfeld completed a new book with Karl Lagerfeld about a little black Chanel jacket. She has styled stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and even Anna Wintour in an LBJ -- little black jacket -- all with chain link detail and gold buttons. That will be out in March.

She will launch a brand new magazine in September that apparently will also be called Irreverent. Asked about it recently, she said that since she doesn't have Vogue's budget, she's going to go in a whole other direction. "I want to be the Joan of Arc of fashion. I want to be the link between the runway and the real woman," she said.

Many have tried, but so far, nobody's pulled that one off. Yet.