Carl Icahn to Warren Buffett: 'Call me!'

Tells THR he'll join other billionaires to give away his money

Billionaire Carl Icahn told THR he was never contacted by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to join their Giving Pledge initiative, which went public this week.

Buffett and Gates contacted 80 of the world's billionaires to join -- a minor blip on the radar -- and Icahn was't one of them. (The initiative asks the wealthiest on the planet to give 50% of their earnings to charity. George Lucas, Ted Turner and Barry Diller are among those on board.)

Worth $10.5 billion, Icahn supported the idea wholeheartedly, calling the pledge "excellent."

"If I got a call, I'd send it in," Icahn said. "I made a commitment 20 years ago that virtually all my assets would be used to fund a charitable foundation. I never really thought of going public with it."

Icahn is currently in a battle to gain control of Vancouver-based studio Lionsgate.