Carly Rae Jepsen on No. 1 Single 'Call Me Maybe': 'I'm Shocked!'

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Speaking to THR, the Canadian newcomer talks about her admiration for mentor Justin Bieber and also reveals plans for a new album.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s infectious hit “Call Me Maybe” claimed the top spot on Billboard's Hot 100 this week. Since its release in September 2011, the single has sold more than 3.3 million downloads to date and its video has amassed over 108 million views on YouTube. The smash took radio programmers and music fans by surprise, but the one reeling most from its success is Jepsen herself.

“I’m shocked,” the former Canadian Idol finalist (she came in third in 2007) told The Hollywood Reporter. “I wake up sometimes and feel like I’m in a coma, but I’m having a wonderful dream." Jepsen credits "random stars aligning" for launching the megahit.

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And by stars, she means of the pop phenom kind: Justin Bieber. After the "Boyfriend" singer heard the delectable tune, Jepsen recalls, "Justin liked it, and shortly after Scooter Braun approached my label, [Vancouver-based 604 Records], and Jonathan [Simpkin], my manager, and asked if we would like to sign with them for the rest of the world. ... We’ve all joined forces."

Indeed, it's traveled far beyond her own borders. The 26-year-old recalls the weirdness of hearing her own single on a European radio station. “We went to Germany and it hadn’t even charted but within the week, it was No. 2 on iTunes," says Jepsen. "It’s just sort of insane.”

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As for hitting No. 1, Jepsen adds that she's still pinching herself. "It's like I’m going to wake up [from this dream]. This doesn’t happen in real life, but it’s happening in mine, so I feel very lucky.”

Of course, this is when the hard work starts and she has no better role model to look to than Bieber himself. "I was surprised to find that he was a songwriter, too," she says of the stars who's eight years her junior. "I think we’ve just seen the beginning of him. He’s going to blow all of our expectations out of the water.”

As for her own goals? Jepsen reveals she's knee-deep in writing her next album (her debut, Tug of War, was released in 2008) which she calls a “healthy obsession.” Says Jepsen: “Fall is our goal to get [the record] out and tour shortly after that. Who knows, there are a few fun ideas that are popping up.”

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