Carlyle in the 'Know' for Kerrigan drama


LONDON -- Scottish-born Robert Carlyle will star in "I Know You Know," billed as a Welsh coming-of-age drama, written and directed by Justin Kerrigan, the backers said Monday.

The movie will be Kerrigan's first since he attracted attention with his low-budget debut, "Human Traffic," set among the clubbing scene of the late 1990s.

In "Know," Carlyle will play a spy whose son gets caught up in his web of intrigue.

The movie is backed by the Film Agency for Wales and is produced by previous Carlyle collaborator producer Sally Hibbin, whose Ken Loach-directed project, "Carla's Song," also starred Carlyle.

Film Agency Wales CEO Pauline Burt said the agency is "absolutely focused on supporting Welsh-born and/or resident key talent, with a particular emphasis on writers, directors and producers."

No financial details were disclosed.