Carmageddon: Hollywood Shares Their Plans on Twitter

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As Los Angeles braces for the 405 Freeway shutdown, Tom Hanks, Adam Levine and Mindy Kaling are among the stars sharing advice and anecdotes.

The Los Angeles Police Department reached out to celebrities several weeks ago to ask them to use their Twitter influence to spread the word about Carmageddon, the three-day closure of a 10-mile strip of the I-405.

With Carmageddon around the corner, many celebrities are turning to their Twitters to share their plans for avoiding this weekend’s chaos, whether the LAPD asked them to or not.

Actor Tom Hanks encouraged people to hang out locally.

“This weekend, LA! Avoid Carmageddon, Gas-zilla, 405-enstein, Grid-lock-apalooza! STAY HOME. Eat & shop local!” Hanks wrote.

Paris Hilton tweeted that she planned to stay home for the weekend, too. “Hey LA, who's scared of Carmageddon? I'm not leaving my house to drive anywhere this weekend," Hilton wrote.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine joked about throwing a bash on the abandoned freeway.

“I think I want to throw a tailgate party for Carmageddon. Meet me at the 405 tomorrow. Let's party,” he tweeted.

The Office stars Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson both had funny thoughts on the impending freeway closure.

“I bet you there'll be so many babies conceived during Carmageddon” wrote Kaling.

“It would be so ironic if Armageddon happened during Carmageddon," tweeted Wilson.

The jokes continued with comedian David Spade who wrote that “nostradamus predicted carmageddon... and i think mob wives.. and possibly hoarders but i may be wrong.”

Colin Hanks, who stars in the indie film Lucky which comes out this weekend, also made light of the freeway shut-down.

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“OHHHHHHHHHH. Its CARmageddon, not KARMAgeddon. Well, that not nearly as scary. #StillNotLeavingMyHouseThisWeekend" Hanks tweeted.

Some actors, such as Fred Willard, plan to skip town altogether. “#carmageddon is coming so I am going to New York. Take that, 405,” wrote Willard.