Carol Burnett Recalls Being Pranked by Elizabeth Taylor (Video)

The comedian says her longtime friend, who died Wednesday, pulled a practical joke on her on live TV while she was shooting a guest spot on "All My Children."

Comedian Carol Burnett recalled her late friend Elizabeth Taylor's prankster side Wednesday night in an appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.
Burnett and Taylor, who died Wednesday, became friends while shooting the 1983 HBO movie Between Friends. While on set, the actresses would take two-hour lunch breaks to watch their favorite shows, Burnett told Leno.

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After filming wrapped, Burnett went on to shoot a guest spot in her favorite daytime drama, All My Children (Taylor preferred General Hospital, Burnett said). It was while Burnett was shooting a scene with Eileen Herlie (who played Myrtle Fargate) that Taylor pulled her prank.

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Said Burnett: "We were furthering the plot of why I was in Pine Valley, when all of a sudden, out of the blue, which was not in the script, I heard this mop or something coming along, and there is somebody in the ... scrub woman outfit hat I use with the mop cap, and I look, and it was Elizabeth. This was live TV. And I was just thrown."

Apparently, Taylor had been hiding out in a dressing room all day long just to play the practical joke on Burnett.