Carrie Brownstein Explains the Difference Between Her "Coven" and a "Squad"

Carrie Brownstein - H 2015

They're not the same thing.

First there were girl squads. Then came fashion and Insta gangs. And now Carrie Brownstein is here to deliver a new friend-group moniker to your lexicon: the coven. 

Unlike the squads/gangs of the past, Brownstein's impressive girl group, including Kim Gordon, Amy Poehler and Aimee Mann, is all over the age of 40, and the Portlandia actress would prefer it if you please not call them a squad, thanks.

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Brownstein stole a move from Taylor Swift when she posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "With some friends who I love. We're all over 40. Don't call us a squad. We're a f—ing coven."

But if anyone's earned the right to be called a coven, it's these four ladies.


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