Carrie Fisher on 'Star Wars' Return: "I'm a Female in Hollywood; They Don't Have to Ask You to Work at [My] Age"

Carrie Fisher on GMA - H 2015

The hilariously candid actress and writer appeared on 'Good Morning America' with her French bulldog, who she explained had been changed forever by watching 'The Force Awakens.'

Carrie Fisher, who reprises her role as Princess (now-General) Leia in the widely and fervently anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, appeared on Good Morning America on Friday in what host Amy Robach deemed "one of the most entertaining interviews ever."

Fisher also brought her French bulldog, Gary, who obediently sat beside the actress in his own director's chair during the interview. Fisher said she brought him along because his tongue, which hung lazily out of the side of his mouth, matched her bright pink sweater.

The actress and writer explained that The Force Awakens is so good that after Garry attended the screening — his first — his tongue fell out of his mouth and has stayed like that ever since.

"He didn't look like this before," Fisher said, adding that it could happen to anyone who sees the film. "But it's worth it," she said.

Robach asked Fisher if it took much convincing to return to the franchise. "No," replied Fisher. "I'm a female in Hollywood over the age of — let's say 40 and we could also say 50 … they don't have to ask you to work at that age."

"Look, I've been Princess Leia for 40 years," said Fisher. "So what, I'm gonna stop now that it's really ridiculous to be someone named Princess Leia or General Leia?

"It's ridiculous. I mean ridiculous in a good way."

When Robach turned the conversation to Fisher's physical transformation for the role, Fisher admitted she had lost weight for it. Then she launched into a quizzical commentary on Robach's good looks, saying she "hit the DNA jackpot." She also noted that Robach's parents had "bred well."

"How do you keep that going on?" Fisher asked. "Do you exercise every day?"

"I do," laughed Robach

"And isn't it boring?" Fisher said.

Robach: "I try to put some music on."

"What music makes this worthwhile?" Fisher asked, getting a big laugh from everyone in the studio. "I want to know what the song is. Maybe I can go for it, too."

Watch the full clip below.

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