Carrie Underwood Talks Locking Son in Car: "It Was Such a Random Thing"

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Carrie Underwood

The country singer and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, were forced to break the window of her in-laws' car after their dogs locked the car doors.

Carrie Underwood's 6-month-old son, Isaiah, accidentally getting locked in a car earlier this summer was a really "random" experience, said the singer, as her dog managed to press the lock button to keep her and her husband out.

“It was such a random thing. We were at the airport,” Underwood recently told Chicago's WUSN US 99.5's Lisa Dent & Ramblin' Ray. "My husband and I both got out at the same time and both shut the door at the same time, and immediately, one of our dogs — I still don’t know what one it was — jumped up on the control panel on the door, and we heard the thing click. And I was like, 'The door's locked, the door's locked, the door's locked!' "

No one had a spare set of keys, and she and her husband, Nashville Predators player Mike Fisher, were forced to break the window.

What's more, Underwood said the car didn't even belong to them; it belonged to Fisher's parents, her in-laws. She joked, "I don’t think our dogs will ever be invited back."

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