5 Pieces of Carry-On Luggage Fit for a Chic Winter Break

moierg_louis_vuitton_luggage - H 2014

moierg_louis_vuitton_luggage - H 2014

Wheel's up!

'Tis the season for bonkers TSA lines and a full Advil bottle of migraines endured to get you to your beachy retreat or black diamond slope. Once you've dealt with a frisking and TMI-sharing seatmates, the last thing you need is to arrive to your version of paradise with a backache caused by very un-ergonomic totes — and, even worse, stuck in lost luggage land without your bikini or long undies.

With that in mind, we've put together the most first-class and compact carry-ons to fit a full day's sundries plus your mandatory in-flight distractions from obnoxious fellow travelers. You're on your own for finagling an upgrade.  

1. Alpha Bravo Lemoore Wheeled Backpack by Tumi, $369.

Trust us, this bad boy expands. Simply elegant and many pocketed, frequent travelers know that a backpack-roller hybrid like this Tumi is where it's at for a weary spine. Plus, you can repack it for day adventures while escaping.


2. Vintage Trolley Luggage by MOIERG, $128.

This cherry red throwback roller earns mega style mileage with leather and gold accents (it has dial locks!).


3. Rolling Carry-On by Filson, $545.

A rugged and spacious take on the backpack-roller, this is American-made gear at its finest.


4. Zephyr 55 Monogram Travel by Louis Vuitton, $3800.

You're probably not begging for that upgrade status if you're shopping for this stunner. It's customizable and about as decadent as baggage gets.


5. Limbo Business Trolley by Rimowa, $810.

In case you're stuck in limbo without the remainder of your necessities, this aptly named jet black roller is diminutive, but deceptively packs plenty. Nearly indestructible, lightweight and equipped with a detachable padded laptop compartment, Rimowa is the most practically chic brand in luggage.