Carson Daly Details Experience of Baby Being Born During Coronavirus Pandemic

Carson Daly and Siri Pinter attend SiriusXM's private concert -Getty-H 2020
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"She went alone on Wednesday night and then I could only join her for the birth, and then I had to leave again as they're quickly trying to flip these rooms around," Daly shared of wife Siri Pinter going into labor in New York on Friday's 'Today' show.

Carson Daly opened up about his wife Siri Pinter's experience of giving birth to their fourth child during the coronavirus pandemic on Friday's episode of Today.

Daly and Pinter welcomed their daughter Goldie Patricia Daly on Thursday in Long Island.

New York City hospitals have implemented more restrictive visitor policies in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Two leading New York City hospital networks have told mothers that they must labor without spouses, partners or doulas by their side.

After sharing that his wife is "doing great" and that their daughter is "awesome," Daly said that the newborn's middle name is Patricia after his mother, who died in 2017 of a heart attack. "It would've been my mother's birthday tomorrow, so that worked out quite nice," he said.

Daly said he was "profoundly moved" by the strength of his wife. "Watching Siri over the last 48 hours, not to mention during this pregnancy, but being nine months pregnant at this time, you can imagine the extra anxiety that has brought," he said.

"I dropped her off at the hospital because the hospitals in and around New York, as you can imagine, have quite new guidelines," Daly said. "She went alone on Wednesday night and then I could only join her for the birth and then I had to leave again, as they're quickly trying to flip these rooms around."

"She's a superstar, she's a superhero. I wake up enamored by her. And also the medical staff that we dealt with last night. The work that they're doing on the frontlines," Daly added. "You don't believe it until you're actually there and can see it."

He said that his three other children "are very excited" about their new sister, while they're "anxiously awaiting" for their mother and sister to come home from the hospital.

While Goldie's middle name comes from Daly's mother, he revealed that her first name was inspired by his Irish ancestry. "I was looking at Irish names on St. Patrick's Day morning and I stumbled on Goldie. We had a short list of names that we liked. Nothing was sticking its neck out," he said. "I thought, 'This is our fourth kid. She seems like the pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow.' And I told Siri, 'What do you think about Goldie Patricia?' And that was it. It was just one of those things that we knew." He added that they plan to call her GoGo.

Daly then reflected on how his family is holding up while quarantining. He said that they have been extra cautious regarding germs during Pinter's pregnancy, while they have also been ordering in a lot from local restaurants while their kitchen is under construction. "We've just been hunkering down. Doing what you guys tell us to do on the news, what the government's saying and being extra cautious," he said.

"We want to thank the doctors that delivered GoGo. They were incredible," he added. "They were amazing. So we want to thank them. There were so many of them."

"It's like a college campus. The last time you're on a college campus, only then are you reminded about how huge these institutions are. Hospitals are the same," Daly said. "You see the admin people. Two guys in the elevator were like, 'Did you get your N95 mask yet?' And the other guys said, 'I hadn't gotten mine yet.' It's not until you realize what makes this mechanism work. There are so many people that do it all for us."

"We're just so incredibly grateful for all of their doing. Not just in the maternity ward. You can imagine in the ER around the country and around the world," Daly said.

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