Cartagena Film Fest Expands Industry Arm

Cartagena Film Fest's Puerto FICCI - H 2014
Courtesy of Cartagena Film Festival

Cartagena Film Fest's Puerto FICCI - H 2014

New sidebar Puerto FICCI will present a WIP award and bring industry reps for networking

The Cartagena International Film Festival (FICCI) announced on Monday its new industry sidebar Puerto FICCI, which will include the Cartagena Meetings forum and networking events, and a PuertoLab award for post-production.

“Puerto FICCI represents the culmination of measures taken over several years by the Ministry of Culture's Film Department and Proimagenes Colombia to promote Colombian film via Encuentros Cartagena,” said festival organizers in a statement, adding: “Every year, our city receives more than 200 international guests and 600 accredited industry reps who forge alliances, oftentimes in the most unlikely of places; alliances that later materialize as films."

New fest director Diana Bustamante had previously revealed to The Hollywood Reporter her intentions to expand the festival’s industry options, as the rise of attending film professionals spiked exponentially in recent years, from 250 to 850 in 2014.

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“We’ll need to invent the proper structure to contain them. Personally, I believe the best way relates to the exchange dynamics that are generated by a physical location where people can meet, tools like video-libraries, and eventually, maybe a work-in-progress section, which is always useful to help films that are out there rolling and maybe need to get finished,” she described at the time.

The newly announced Puerto FICCI initiative will include:

• PuertoLab: 6 Latin American directors compete to have their film post-produced by Cinecolor Colombia.

• Encuentros Cartagena: FICCI’s well-established program of workshops forums, the event includes an International Producers' Symposium and Documentary Workshop that will select 27 projects to meet with international agents; a Film Festivals Workshop to coach regional fest organizers on management and financing strategies; and a Film Criticism and Journalism Workshop for 8 students.

• Cafe - Puerto FICCI: A meeting point on the daily agendas of guests and accredited industry members.

• Networking Time: Every day, from 5 to 7 p.m., accredited industry reps can meet to discuss future alliances and joint projects.

• Video Library: Accredited buyers and programmers can access films competing in the festival's official sections and a catalog of recent Colombian productions via the Cinando platform or during the festival itself.

The rules for participating in Puerto-lab and deadlines for the accreditation of industry reps will be published during the last week of October, the festival stated.

Latin America’s oldest film festival, the Cartagena Film Festival’s 55th edition is scheduled for March 11-17. ­