Cartagena Film Festival to Open With 'Ciudad Delirio'

Ciudad Delirio Still - H 2014

Ciudad Delirio Still - H 2014

FICCI will premiere Chus Gutierrez’ salsa-fueled romantic comedy set in Cali, starring Carolina Ramirez and Julian Villagran.

COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO – The world premiere of Chus Gutierrez' Ciudad Delirio will be the Opening Film of the 54th Cartagena Film Festival, Colombia’s main film festival, which kicks-off on Mar. 13.

"Cartagena will be the first public screening of Ciudad Delirio, and I believe it’s the best display we could have imagined. The first time you share a film with an audience is a very special moment, and I’m very happy that it’s the Cartagena Film Festival”, said the director.

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Produced by 64-A Films’ Diego F. Ramírez (Colombia) and Film Fatal’s Elena Manrique (Spain), the film is a romantic comedy set in Cali, the salsa capital of the world, in which Javier, a shy Spanish doctor (Julian Villagran) travels to Cali for a conference and meets Angie (Carolina Ramírez), a dancer and choreographer who dreams of being part of the world's most famous salsa show: Delirio.

"The fact an authentic film like Ciudad Delirio, which portrays the joyful and kind city of Cali, gets to be selected to open Latin America’s main film festival is a great honor to us, because that is the most magical night of the year for Colombian cinema," said Ramirez. "It’s a recognition not only to those of us who made the movie but also to a city that has bet on cinema for a long time."

Spanish choreographer Blanca Li, a past collaborator of artists like Daft Punk, Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce, traveled to Cali to design and set up 4 original dance numbers for the film.

Ciudad Delirio was a 2013 winner of Ibermedia’s co-production stimulus and the Colombian government’s FDC (Film Development Fund), which has boosted local film production in recent years. The film was shot in seven weeks on 45 locations in Cali (Colombia) and Madrid (Spain). More than 3,200 extras from Cauca Valley were involved in this salsa-driven love story that revolves around the show Delirio, a long-standing cultural tradition in Sultana del Valle.

"FICCI is once again betting on the kind of cinema that speaks locally and globally, a cinema that invites, seduces and embraces all kinds of audiences," said the festival’s organizers in an official statement.