Cartagena Film Festival Unveils Competition Lineup

Courtesy of TIFF
'The Human Surge'

The longest-running fest in the region will honor director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, actress Andrea Arnold and legendary Brazilian filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho.

Colombia's Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (FICCI), the longest-running film festival in Latin America, revealed Monday the films that will compete for the India Catalina award at its 57th edition, which runs March 1-6.

Both the fiction and documentary official selections include 10 films from Latin America and Spain, while the Colombian Film section will feature eight domestic features and 23 short films. Another 16 films will compete in the New Creators selection, a display of young local talent. FICCI will reveal another set of productions for all these sections in the coming days.

The main competition slate includes entries from top festivals like Cannes (Mimosas), Venice (The Blind Christ), Locarno (The Human Surge) and the upcoming Berlinale (So Long Enthusiasm).

According to fest director Diana Bustamante, this year's selection reflects the state of Latin American cinema. "The languages the region's filmmakers reinterpret and own in a unique way express both the vitality of our cinema and its role — no longer a secondary one — in a fantastic year for world cinema," said Bustamente. "This stylized and self-conscious return to classical forms does not undermine more contemporary explorations," she added.

Other previously announced program sections include tributes to renowned Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Cemetery of Splendour) and British actress-scriptwriter Andrea Arnold (American Honey), as well as a retrospective on the late Brazilian documentary filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho (Last Conversations) and a focus on French film noir, among others.

FICCI's industry sidebar Puerto FICCI will host a producers' meeting with film industry professionals, as well as a work-in-progress program and several workshops.

Here is the competition's full lineup:


So Long Enthusiasm (Adios Entusiasmo) by Vladimir Duran – Argentina, Colombia - 2017 (Ibero-American premiere)
Araby (Arabia) by Joao Dumans and Affonso Uchoa – Brazil – 2016 (South American premiere)
Ayiti Mon Amour by Guetty Felin – Haiti, United States – 2016
The Human Surge (El auge de lo humano) by Eduardo Williams – Argentina, Brazil, Portugal – 2016
The Blind Christ (El cristo ciego) by Christopher Murray – Chile, France – 2016
The Solitude (La soledad) by Jorge Thielen Armand – Venezuela – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
Mimosas by Oliver Laxe – Spain, Morocco, France, Qatar – 2016
Dark Skull (Viejo calavera) by Kiro Russo – Bolivia, Qatar – 2016


Ama–San by Claudia Varejao – Portugal, Japan, Switzerland – 2016
- Amazona by Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas Van Hemelryck – Colombia – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
Ejercicios de memoria by Paz Encina – Paraguay, France – 2016
Site of Sites (El sitio de los sitios) by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada – Dominican Republic – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
La libertad del diablo by Everardo Gonzalez – Mexico – 2017 (Ibero-American premiere)
The Grown-Ups by Maite Alberdi – Chile, The Netherlands, France – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
Resurrecting Hassan by Carlo Guillermo Proto – Chile, Canada – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
Senorita Maria: la falda de la montana by Ruben Mendoza – Colombia – 2017 (World premiere)
* Two more films will be announced shortly.


So Long Enthusiasm (Adios Entusiasmo) by Vladimir Duran – Argentina, Colombia - 2017 (Ibero-American premiere)
- Amazona by Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas Van Hemelryck – Colombia – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
Epiphany (Epifanía) by Oscar Ruiz Navia and Anna Eborn – Colombia, Sweden, Denmark – 2016 (Ibero-American premiere)
Senorita Maria: la falda de la montana by Ruben Mendoza – Colombia – 2017 (World premiere)
X 500 by Juan Andres Arango – Canada, Mexico, Colombia – 2016
Yo, Lucas by Lucas Maldonado – Colombia – 2016


The Grey House and the Green Mountains (A casa cinza e as montanhas verdes) by Deborah Viegas – Brazil – 2016
A Gis by Thiago Carvalhaes – Brasil – 2016
The Girl Who Danced with the Devil (A moca que dançou com o diabo) by Joao Paulo Miranda Maria – Brazil – 2016
Abigail by Valentina Homem and Isabel Penoni – Brazil – 2016
Ascension (Ascensao) by Pedro Peralta – Portugal – 2016
Aurelia and Pedro (Aurelia y Pedro) by Jose Permary Omar Robles – Mexico – 2016
Cold Kisses (Besos frios) by Nicolas Rincon Gille – Colombia, Belgium – 2016
Cilaos by Camilo Restrepo – France – 2016
Cucli by Xavier Marrades – Spain – 2016
- Ana's Dream (El sueno de Ana) by Jose Luis Torres Leiva – Chile – 2017
Fragments (Estilhacos) by José Miguel Ribeiro – Portugal – 2016
- Fajr by Lois Patino – Spain – 2017
The Disco Shines (La disco resplandece) by Chema García Ibarra – Spain – 2016
La emboscadura by Jeronimo Atehortua - Argentina, Colombia – 2017
The Lost Voice (La voz perdida) by Marcelo Martinessi – Paraguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina – 2016
Ladridos by Yuji Kodato and Gabriela D. Ruvalcaba – Cuba – 2016
Lettres a l'administration by Jose Jimenez – Chile, France – 2016
Madre by Simon Mesa – Colombia – 2016
Delusion Is Redemption to Those in Distress (O delirio e a redencao dos aflitos) by Fellipe Fernandes – Brazil – 2016
The Parking Lot (O Estacionamento) by William Biagioli – Brazil – 2016
Timecode by Juanjo Gimenez – Spain – 2016
Un bel di vedremo by Pablo Gonzalez – Colombia, Germany – 2016
Black Sun (Sol negro) by Laura Huertas Millan – Colombia – 2016 (Out of Competition)


Bark (Corteza) by Paloma Rincón – Colombia – 2016
El despertar del artista by Daniel Mejia – United States – 2016
The Nest (El nido) by Hernan Molina Rodriguez – Colombia – 2016
Gewitterzustand by David Reiber Otalora – Colombia, Germany – 2016
Water Story (Historia del agua) by Simon Velez Lopez – Colombia, Argentina – 2016
Love and Cake by Catalina Ramirez Chavez – Colombia, United States – 2016
Lulita by Andres Mahecha – Colombia, Argentina – 2016
Menguante by Melisa Zapata – Colombia – 2016
No se si vayas a recibir esta carta by German Ayala – Colombia, Cuba – 2016
Pool Version by Gonzalo Escobar – Colombia, Bosnia-Herzegovina – 2016
Preciado líquido by Tatiana Laborde Florez – Colombia – 2016
Susurros: una fantasía romántica sobre el fracaso by Federico Atehortua – Colombia, Argentina – 2016
The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do by Juanita Onzaga – Colombia, Belgium – 2016
Nueve disparos by Jorge Andres Giraldo – Colombia – 2016 (Out of Competition)
* SENA shorts special screening
Construyendo un sueno by Edwin Soto – Colombia – 2016 (Out of Competition)
Fibras by Sergio Andres Aldana Munoz – Colombia – 2016 (Out of Competition)