Cartoon likes live-action


Cartoon Network is taking a big step into live-action with its largest slate in a long time.

The network has more than a dozen projects in development, three of which could go to pilot this year for a 2010 launch.

"That would absolutely be a win for us," chief content officer Rob Sorcher said Thursday.

In development are "Crypto Tapes," written by Dean Batali and produced by Mark Wolper; "Hoops," written by David Aaron Cohen and produced by Rick Karo; "Advanced Placement," written by Geoff Moore and David Posamentier and produced by the Yari Film Group; and "Privateer," written by Georg Geiger and produced by Joe Broido/Porchlight. Another project, "Necessary Evil," is based on the comic book series. The series' writers are Max Burnett, Chris Borelli and Jonathan Davis; the co-producers are H2F Entertainment and Objective Entertainment.

Other projects include "Prep," Paul Dini's tale of teenagers at a mysterious school; an untitled urban adventure from Mike Werb; the Eric Kaplan-penned "Rebels," about teenagers battling aliens; "Jackers," written by Carleton Eastlake, about body-switching crimefighters; "Racer," from writer Sandy Isaac, about racing with a teen spin; "Wired," by Kira Snyder, about tech-enhanced teen agents; and Ethlie Ann Vare's "Redline," about a teenager with a high-tech vehicle. Also in the pipeline are "Marked Man," from Hans Beimler, and "Countdown," from Edgar Lyall. (partialdiff)
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