Cartoon Net Latin America has 'Atomic' power

Picks up Canadian cartoon series from Breakthrough

TORONTO -- Cartoon Network Latin American has picked up the Canadian cartoon series "Atomic Betty," domestic producer Breakthrough Entertainment said Thursday.

Toronto-based Breakthrough sold the Latin American channel the third season, or 26 half-hours, of the animated series about a young girl who interrupts family and school life to do inter-stellar law enforcement.

"Atomic Betty" first launched on Cartoon Network in the U.S. market in 2004.

Other pre-MIPCOM deals from Breakthrough on the documentary side include the sale of 48 one-hours of "Crime Stories" to TV4 in Sweden, and 13 half-hours of "Streets of the World," 26 half-hours of "Re-Inventors" and 39 one hours of "Truth Duty Valour" to Spektrum HBO Europe.

Breakthrough also sold 12 one-hours of "War of the Wheels" to AB Groupe in France, the Canadian producer reported.