Cartoon Network taps two puppets

Jib and Crash to headline new promotional vehicle

Cartoon Network has devised a new custom promotional opportunity for movie studios that stars a pair of puppets.

The concept, which comes out of the network's ad sales promotions marketing group, features two puppets named Jib and Crash. The pair will interview celebrities on the set of their films and feature exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming movies in content that will air as interstitials during commercial breaks on Cartoon.

The first movie to be featured is Warner Bros.' "Speed Racer," opening May 9. Jib and Crash will introduce a 90-second exclusive sneak peek of the film Sunday preceded by 45-second on-air spots featuring the puppets promoting the exclusive trailer.

In May, the interstitials will feature DreamWorks Animation's "Kung Fu Panda," opening June 6. The puppets' interview with Jack Black, the star voice in the CG-animated comedy, will run on Cartoon throughout the week of May 26.