Casadei Shoes Are Having a Hollywood Moment

Casadei Split-H 2017
Courtesy of Casadei

The third-generation, family-owned, made-in-Italy brand is seeing a lot of red-carpet action.

Jennifer Lawrence wore the Techno-Blade shoes for the New York premiere of Mother, Mila Kunis chose the brand’s over-the-knee boots for a Bad Moms Christmas photocall and Zendaya stepped out in the cherry-red spiky sandals for the InStyle Awards.

The hottest shoe label in Hollywood right now is Casadei. The third-generation, family-owned, made-in-Italy brand founded in 1958 first made an impression on the Hollywood red carpet in 2011 with its impossibly skinny Blade heel, a style that creative director Cesare Casadei says was actually born during a visit to Los Angeles.

“I was walking down the sidewalk and everyone was wearing platforms, so I wanted to make a heel as thin as a blade that you could recognize without having to read the label,” he said during a recent trip back to the City of Angels, adding that the erotic photos of Helmut Newton were another reference for the style.

“At the factory, they said it was too thin,” Casadei joked about the killer heel. “Especially my father, the technician. But after seven months, we got it.”

In recent seasons, the brand has also been mining its 1980s and '90s heritage, creating ultra-glam styles that have resonated with retro fashion lovers wanting to dress like Cindy Crawford in denim and gold chains in her supermodel days. Top picks from the fall 2017 collection include multicolored boucle booties, stocking boots with dainty bow details and velvet ballerinas with multicolored jeweled heels inspired by Byzantine crowns.  

“It’s like a crown, but for your feet that you can walk on,” offered Casadei's daughter, Arianna, who works in the communications department.

Casadei doesn’t have any stores in the U.S. yet (they are looking), but you can order the shoes online and find them at Saks Fifth Avenue.