The Cases of Arthur Crowley

A. W. Cox/Cox/Getty Images

Celebrities! Nasty Divorces! Custody Battles! Crowley repped entertainment’s biggest stars in some of their most sensitive matters.

Lana Turner
Actor and Luau restaurant owner Stephen Crane hired Crowley for his 1958 custody battle with ex-wife Turner over their daughter, Cheryl.

Johnny Carson
The talk show host’s third wife, Joanna Carson, repped by Crowley, was awarded $20 million in 1985. Crowley and his client would become friends.

Robert Evans
Crowley represented the producer in his 1972 divorce from actress Ali MacGraw. He later  helped Evans with a custody matter involving Steve McQueen.

Vic Damone
Italian actress Pier Angeli hired Crowley in 1965 to fight ex-husband Damone, the singer and entertainer, for custody of their son, Perry.

Anne Miller
Oilman Arthur Cameron employed Crowley to handle a 1962 fraudulent-marriage lawsuit from actress Miller. They ultimately divorced.

Mel Torme
Actress Janette Scott hired Crowley to sue the singer for divorce in 1976. The separated couple was already in the midst of a custody dispute.

Debbie Reynolds
Crowley represented businessman Harry Karl in his 1973 divorce from the actress and got her to assume nearly $2 million of Karl’s debts.

Jack Kent Cooke
Represented by Crowley, Barbara Jean Carnegie was awarded a then-record $42 million in her 1979 divorce from the former Los Angeles Lakers owner.