Casey Affleck on Acting: "Usually If It Feels Like Fun It Ends Up Not Being Very Good" | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"If it's scary going into it and you face it, and use it as an opportunity, it can feel like you've done something that feels good."

"Talking to other people about a part is not helpful for me," Manchester by the Sea star Casey Affleck told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actor Oscar Roundtable. "It's such an internal and complicated and still kind of mysterious process. Everything helps, but it's almost all inside."

Affleck says there's nothing fun about acting for him, "in the traditional sense of fun, but it can be very satisfying, which is a kind of fun. It can feel like heavy-lifting, and that's fun."

The Oscar-nominated actor went on to say, "I feel like there's an obligation, this sounds terribly pretentious, if you're an artist, to share your own experience in a way that's truthful and honest: 'this is what I have to share, this is my life.' But also, as member of our society, there's an obligation as a group of artists, as a community, we have an obligation to try to open doors and represent other parts of society more fairly."

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