Casey Affleck movie staff defend star

Two female staffers come out in support of actor-helmer

Two female staffers on a Casey Affleck movie have come out in support of the star who has faced two sexual harassment complaints.

Nicole Acacio, an associate producer on Affleck's "I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix," told the New York Post: "I never saw anything out of the ordinary either on or off set, and certainly nothing like what they described in their suits." She added about a shoot in Las Vegas that one woman had cited in her harassment case: "Casey's wife and his children were in town with him. Casey is a great guy, and it's clear that he's a very warm, family-centric person."

Her conclusion: "The real Casey isn't the one who was described in these suits. Nothing I've ever witnessed would lead me to think he could ever do anything like that."

Meanwhile, the Post also talked to an unnamed female editor on the movie who said: "These lawsuits are contrary to everything that I personally know about Casey."