Casey Anthony Believed to Be in California, NBC News Reports

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Her whereabouts have remained a mystery since she was released from a Florida jail over the weekend.

Casey Anthony may have traveled 3,000 miles after her release from a Florida jail over the weekend.

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NBC's Today show reported Tuesday that Anthony -- whom a jury recently found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee -- could be staying outside San Diego in Carlsbad, Calif.

NBC News claimed to have tracked the ownership of a private jet that is said to have carried Anthony out of Orlando an hour after her release early Sunday. The news organization claimed that it is registered to California lawyer Todd Macaluso, who previously represented Anthony and whose firm has an office in Carlsbad.

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Meanwhile, Florida-based TV station WFTV on Tuesday aired video that showed a woman running from the plane into a nearby terminal who was shielding her face and wearing clothing similar to Anthony's attire when she was released from jail.

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Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, later sent a text message to a reporter that read, "That is not Casey. … Macaluso is having fun with you and I had no knowledge of that."

Anthony's whereabouts have remained a mystery since her release from jail. Many who have been following the 3-year-old case -- including HLN's Nancy Grace -- are still insisting she is guilty.

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Meanwhile, NBC News also reported that the IRS has placed a tax lien against Anthony and claimed that she is considering holding a pay-per-view interview to raise money.