Casey Anthony to Leave Jail July 13; Twitter Explodes

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"Who says our judicial system doesn't work," writes one on the site.

Twitter exploded after a court spokeswoman announced Thursday morning that Casey Anthony would be released from a Florida jail on July 13 after serving 1,043 days while awaiting trial.

Comments included:

Sheen300 Mr. 314 ®
Casey Anthony Will Be Released July 13, 2011................for the murder of Caylee Anthony.....................Sad. I Hate This World Smh.

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tjholmes TJ Holmes
U read that correctly.Casey Anthony given credit 4 already serving 1,043 days. Along w/credit 4 good behavior equals release day of next Wed

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel
Casey Anthony could be out by August. Who says our judicial system doesn't work.

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel
Casey Anthony will get time off for good behavior. She killed her kid and lied to the police. I'd hate to see bad behavior.

Boi1da Boi-1da
Casey Anthony is clearly a murderer. Who reports there 3 year old kid missing 3 weeks after she goes missing ???? #CMONJURY

someecards someecards
Sorry Casey Anthony will spend less time in jail than you spent obsessing about Casey Anthony.

TheJillKushner Jill Kushner
So, Casey Anthony might get out of jail before I next get around to doing laundry. This is so bad. All around.
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Anthony's appeared in court Thursday for her sentencing, where a judge ruled she would serve one year for each of the four counts of lying to police in which she was convicted.