Casey Anthony Surfaces in Ohio

Getty Images

Photos show her shopping at an Old Navy.

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, earlier this month, has surfaced in Ohio. has the first photos of the 25-year-old shopping over the weekend. In both, she wears a Ohio State baseball cap, and in one she covers up in large sunglasses. The site reports she went shopping at Old Navy.

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She was released from jail on July 17.

Anthony has relatives in the state, but says it's unknown if she's staying with them. The site also reports that she has been moving around the country since the trial ended after receiving death threats.

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The Hollywood Reporter has previously detailed how networks aren't willing to pay for the first interview with Anthony. ABC came under fire for giving her $200,000 to license photos in 2008, which went to her defense fund. The network recently announced plans to stop pay for play.

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HLN's Nancy Grace, the UK Daily Mail and TMZ have reported that Anthony is seeking $1.5 million for her first interview.

TV doctor Keith Ablow is the first to pen a book about Anthony, with "Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony" by St. Martin's Press being rushed to print.