Casey Anthony Trial: ABC News Paid Man Who Found Caylee's Remains $15,000 for Photo

Casey Anthony-Orange County Courthouse-2011
AP Photo/Joe Burbank, Pool

Roy Kronk testifies that he gave an interview to "Good Morning America" in exchange for the net buying a pic of a snake.

In the ongoing Casey Anthony trial, Roy Kronk testified Tuesday that ABC News paid him $15,000 in January to license a photo of a snake in exchange for an interview about finding Caylee Anthony's remains.

Kronk took the photo of the snake, but it did not include any images of Anthony's remains. He testified that the snake distriacted him when he found the 3-year-old's body.

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According to TV Newser, here is the testimony word-for-word:

    Attorney: Did you go on “Good Morning America” show?
    Kronk: Yes, sir.
    Attorney: When did you do that?
    Kronk: It was in January, but I don’t remember the exact date, sir.
    Attorney: And did you get paid for doing that?
    Kronk: I was paid for — I was paid for a licensed picture of a snake but I knew there would probably be an interview involved, so.
    Attorney: Were you paid $15,000 for doing that, sir?
    Kronk: I was paid $15,000 for a licensed picture of the snake, sir.

Typically, news outlets say they do not pay for interviews, but will pay to license photos.

Kronk is a key witness for the prosecution of Casey Anthony, who was arrested in 2008 after her young daughter disappeared.

CNN, MSNBC and FNC had switched to covering President Barack Obama's speech during this testimony. But CNN's HLN aired it.

The trial is currently underway in Florida.