Casey Anthony Trial: Hollywood Reacts to 'Not Guilty' Verdict on Twitter

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UPDATED: Marlon Wayans and former “Wonder Years” star Fred Savage compare verdict to the O.J. Simpson case in 1995.

On Tuesday, a surprising "not guilty" verdict was delivered in the Casey Anthony trial in the death of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony.

While broadcast and cable networks broke into regular programming to broadcast the verdict, Hollywood took to social media website Twitter to offer their instant reactions to the news.

On Twitter, the top hashtags early Tuesday afternoon included #notguilty, #caseyanthonyverdit and #shock. Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Biaz [sic] (his last name is spelled Baez) was also trending.

The Voice and late-night host Carson Daly had a similar reaction to that of many, when he wrote: "This is bullshit!!!!" Not before warning, "That jury better get into hiding."

Reality star Kim Kardashian was "speechless" after finding out the verdict, saying, "WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!"

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"Nice justice system. I can't breathe. I can't think. I'm sick. God help us," The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco wrote.

Comedian Kathy Griffin wrote: "Wow. Ok, now this case has my attn. Not guilty? Really? I just assumed..."

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher both retweeted other people's messages following the verdict. Moore's retweet consisted of the hashtag #StillNoJusticeforCaylee, while Kutcher's was a retweet of a message that said, "OJ Simpson finds this verdict outrageous."

Holly Marie Combs, co-star of ABC Family drama Pretty Little Liars, had only one word to say: "Wow."

Bones star David Boreanaz wrote: "Anthony Cleared in Daughters Death. Media Assassination? This case is over. No winners here. Wonder what Nancy Grace is doing right now?"

Meanwhile, The Social Network producer Dana Brunetti had more to say on the verdict, writing: "And justice fails again."

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The Office star and writer Mindy Kaling was clearly unhappy with the verdict: "Anyone else hoping Casey Anthony is stupid enough to sue herself for millions in a civil court?" Co-star Rainn Wilson wrote: "Dear Florida, THANK YOU for freeing Case! She's now available for partying and babysitting!"

CNN host Piers Morgan was slightly more diplomatic, writing, "Astonishing verdict. No other way to describe it." But not before teasing Tuesday's episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, in which he and several other cable news programs will be discussing the verdict and its meaning.

Former Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz expressed disappointment: "I called that she would be found not guilty weeks ago... everyone said I was wrong..."

Former Wonder Years star Fred Savage tweeted: "I guess OJ has a new friend now. Disgusting." He wasn't the only one making connections to O.J. Simpson's trial, in which he was found not guilty of murder.

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Michael Showalter tweeted: "I am so freaked out by this verdict, I can't even make a joke out of it."

Jason Biggs wrote: "I guess the glove didn't fit."

Even film critics took a stance on the Casey Anthony trial. Richard Roeper wrote, "Casey Anthony should enlist OJ's help to find the real killer." Marlon Wayans even wrote: "Casey anthony aka WHITE O.J."

Singer-actress Mandy Moore expessed shock at the "not guilty" verdict. "Woah! Shocked about the verdict in the casey anthony trial! Thought she was guilty for sure! Either way, tragic story....," she wrote on her Twitter account.

Justin Stangel didn't fully understand how Casey Anthony could be acquitted of murder: "Casey Anthony found not guilty of murder! I can understand this verdict if you ignore ALL of the evidence."

David Simpson contributed to this report.