Casey Anthony Trial: MSNBC Also Apologizes for F-Bombs

Red Huber/Getty Images

Several networks accidentally aired at least five instances of the profanity while broadcasting jailhouse phone tapes.

MSNBC has also apologized for inadvertently airing several F-bombs that Casey Anthony dropped while on the phone with her mom from prison.

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While airing the taped phone calls on MSNBC, an anchor said in a voiceover, “We just want to apologize briefly for the graphic nature of the language for this phone call," which included at least five usages of "f--k" as Casey asked her mother for her boyfriend's phone number.

The network said it was putting the tapes on a seven-second delay to "take some of [the profanities] out of there."

Fox News apologized for airing the uncensored tapes as well, and also put them on a seven-second tape delay.

The jury is currently deliberating on whether Casey murdered her 3-year-old daughter, Caylee. She could receive the death penalty if convicted.

CNN's HLN has received record ratings from its broadcast of the Florida trial, which has attracted visitors from as far away as Germany -- and even sparked a fight outside the courthouse for a seat inside to watch the proceedings.

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Several iPhone apps have also been launched to livestream the trial.

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