Casey Anthony Verdict: See the Best Tweets About Nancy Grace's Reaction

Nancy Grace

"I hate the idea of someone who's clearly crazy & dangerous going free, but that's apparently the deal with Nancy Grace," writes satirist Andy Borowitz.

Nancy Grace was in shock after a jury declared Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

The HLN talk-show host has arguably played a bigger role than anyone in making the trial a nationwide media sensation -- and she was visibly stunned when the not-guilty verdict was read Tuesday.

VIDEO: HLN's Nancy Grace Weighs in on Casey Anthony Closing Arguments

"[Caylee's] death has gone unavenged," Grace said afterward, adding that "tot mom's lies seem to have worked." ("Tot mom" is her derisive nickname for Anthony.)

But it seems that Grace has found few supporters on Twitter. Here's a round-up of the best tweets in the Twitterverse about the HLN host:

VIDEO: Nancy Grace Discusses Casey Anthony Trial Verdict on Good Morning America

Andy Borowitz, who runs the satirical website Borowitz Report:

-- "I hate the idea of someone who's clearly crazy & dangerous going free, but that's apparently the deal with Nancy Grace."

-- "From now on, the insanity plea will be called "not guilty due to temporary Nancy Grace-ness."

-- "Just to review: the 4 branches of government are executive, legislative, judicial, and Nancy Grace."

-- "BREAKING: CNN Viewers Severely Burned By Fire From Nancy Grace's Nostrils"

-- "Fortunately for CNN, they will have a new Casey Anthony murder trial to cover when Nancy Grace kills her."

-- "Remember, folks: in America, you're innocent until Nancy Grace spends every night for 3 years saying you're guilty."

VIDEO: Casey Anthony Trial: Nancy Grace Reacts to Not-Guilty Verdict

Comedian and TV personality Dave Holmes:

-- "I watched the first couple minutes of the Nancy Grace rebroadcast last night, then someone called me and said 'SEVEN DAYS.'"

-- "I'm guessing Nancy Grace's reaction will measure a 9 on the Van Der Sloot scale."

Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever:

-- "Nancy Grace is obviously Cape Fearing a ride home underneath Casey Anthony's car tonight, right?"

--"Can't wait to see Nancy Grace's wig orbit the Earth tonight."

Nancy Grace Leaving 'Swift Justice' After One Season

Humorist Bill Kempin:

--"A severe storm watch is in effect. Head to your basement if you see Nancy Grace."

-- "Current heat indexes: Las Vegas 94, Kansas City 98, Dallas 100, Phoenix 105, Nancy Grace 282."

Writer-director Brian Koppelman (Ocean's Thirteen, Solitary Man, Knockaround Guys):

-- "Nancy Grace is like the evil Eddie Mush of cable news."

-- "If Nancy Grace had any decency at all (doubtful), she'd resign today and go spend a year quietly thinking."

EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Grace Sued for $15 Million Over 'Swift Justice'

Actor Marlon Wayans:

--"Twitter has turned us all in to NANCY GRACE. We all have theories & opinions but it don't mean sh*t when it comes to justice."

Bryan Safi, host of Current TV's That's Gay:

--"Is it possible that Nancy Grace kills children for ratings?"

-- "Nancy Grace is delivering a monologue from what I can only assume is Night, Mother."

Charlie Sheen Turns Down Nancy Grace Interview

Actor-comedian John Fugelsang (CSI):

--"And today Nancy Grace explores all murders of poor non-telegenic minority children that still remain unsolved. Or not."

-- "I seriously haven't seen nancy grace this furious since her bungling henchmen let those dalmatians escape."

Ralph Garman of Los Angeles radio station KROQ:

-- "Now that the Anthony trial is over, can we bring Nancy Grace up on charges for felony assholery?"


TMZ's Harvey Levin:

--"And Nancy Grace says "The devil is dancing." If Nancy acted on the a street corner the way she acts on her show, they'd place her on a 5150."

--"The parade of hysterical morons on Nancy Grace and other shows would be amusing if they weren't lawyers. Any client who hires them is nuts."

Casey Anthony Trial Propels HLN to Highest-Rated Month Ever

Comedian Kathleen Madigan:

-- "Nancy Grace's ears just blew off. I thought that only happened in cartoons. I wish she had more ppl in tiny boxes on the screen to yell at."

Movie critic Roger Ebert:

-- ''I don't usually watch Nancy Grace, but you know, tonight... I think I'll be watching."

CBS reporter Peter Busch:

-- "I don't know if #CaseyAnthonyverdict was correct, but I think it's disgraceful the way people like Nancy Grace covered this trial."

Barbara Walters Lands First Interview With Casey Anthony’s Lawyer managing editor Dennis Ayers:

--"Only good thing about the Casey Anthony verdict - Nancy Grace's head is about to explode."

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn (General Hospital):

-- "I think Nancy Grace should take Casey in after she's let out. it would be good kharma for both of them."

Fake Dispatch:

--"BREAKING: Crayola is coming out with a new bright shade of red crayone called Nancy Grace Face."


--"I think Nancy Grace inspires sympathy for really bad people. If Nancy hates you, I kinda love you."

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Josiah Doc Scurlock:

-- "Last night FB turned on their porchlights for Caylee Anthony. In reality they did it so Nancy Grace will pass by and not kill the firstborn."

Danger Guerrero:

-- "I'm a peaceful man, but I would support a resolution that allowed people to throw pineapples at Nancy Grace when she goes grocery shopping."

Xeni Jardin:

-- "I would appreciate it if someone would edit the Nancy Grace show opener from last night to include fire shooting out of her eyes, nostrils."

Chris Lehmann"

-- "Has Nancy Grace patented the term "fauxtrage" yet? Because she really should. . ."


-- "Nancy Grace should be imprisoned for crimes against the human intellect."

"MC Thumbtack":

-- "So now Nancy Grace is going to give equal time to the other 1500 children murdered in the US last year, right?"

Dustin Curtis:

-- "I hope the next season of Nancy Grace has a better plot."