Casey Anthony's Hair Discussed Widely at Jail Sentencing

Joe Burbank/Getty Images

Even her parents were overheard saying, "she looks so beautiful," according to an HLN producer.

Casey Anthony's hair was widely discussed by TV pundits, Twitter users and even her parents at her Thursday morning sentencing in Florida.

"Her hair was done up, she had a little blouse on, she had a little mascara," said HLN producer Ebony on air after watching a judge sentence Anthony to four years in prison -- one year for each count of lying to police -- and a $4,000 fine. She will likely be released by the end of this month or early August.

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Casey's mother, Cindy, was overhead in the courtroom saying, "She looks so beautiful."

Her father, George, replied, "Yeah, her hair looks longer." Anthony wore her hair pulled back for every day of her trial, where she was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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The Orlando Sentinel noted that she appeared relaxed, and her attorneys Cheney Mason and Dorothy Clay Sims, were "smiling and stroking her hair before the hearing began."

CNN also dedicated a segment to discussing her hair 'do. The Drudge report also noted that she "let her hair down."

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Wrote Oxygen reality star Aubrey O'Day on Twitter: "Casey Anthony just arrived in court with her hair down, carefree... lookin like a killer with a blow out!"

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Hair comments flooded Twitter, including:

mstewartsloan millie
Do you think Casey Anthony is wearing her hair like that just to give us ideas for future Halloween costumes?

TomONeal Tom O'Neal
From the looks of her hair, makeup and wardrobe, Casey Anthony thought she was going to walk today...the Judge said "Not So Fast My Friend!"

Erin_O_Malley Erin O'Malley
Casey Anthony: Put that hair back in a ponytail princess, you're goin back to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!

KnittingKnoobie Susie G
Watching Casey Anthony sentencing. Funny how now she's wearing her hair down instead of up in her former school marm-ish style.

NPJules Jules
What is with Casey Anthony's hair today? It reminds me of Morticia Adams.

BJack50 BJack
Casey Anthony got her hair did and done after beating her case she look ready to getting back to hit streets!

jerseygrl Claire Spina-Russell
Notice that Casey Anthony opted to wear her hair down today for sentencing? Probably for post sentencing news photos. #socalculated